Residency – your right to live and work in Paraguay

What do I get?

–  Permanent Residence in Paraguay

–  your Residency Card

–  your Cédula de Identidad (ID card)

Then you can come and live here!

How do I get it?

First get your documents ready in your home country (we’ll tell you what you need) then travel to Paraguay to complete your paperwork. We prepare and lodge your application together. When you’re granted residency, we apply for your cédula. Most of the documents for your cédula are the same ones we used for your residency. You must be in Paraguay to apply for a cédula so you’ll need to come back here if you left while your residency application was being processed.


Document and other charges in Asunción are approximately US$ 900, and there will also be charges in your home country for documentation. A single person or family head must make a deposit in a Paraguayan bank. Other costs vary depending on your personal situation and where you’re located. If you can stay in Paraguay for a few months you’ll need to travel here just once, otherwise you’ll need to come twice. When you’re here, you’ll need to pay accommodation and living costs which are inexpensive compared to many countries.

For full details of costs, including our fee, complete the form on our ‘Contact’ page.


It takes a minimum of three months for Immigration to process your residency application. Processing your cédula application takes up to two weeks.

For full details of timing, complete the form on our contact page.

We follow Paraguayan law. You get genuine documents.